Your needs and objectives may be similar to those of your neighbors but your circumstances and beliefs are uniquely you.

There is only one you.

Your needs and objectives may be similar to those of your neighbors but your circumstances and beliefs are uniquely you. At Kensington we feel that any investment program that doesn’t begin with that realization can only hope to achieve limited success.


We aim for much more.


We want to deliver not only the investment results that provide financially for your most important personal goals but also the confidence and peace of mind that make your journey to achieving those objectives a trip well-traveled and an experience to be savored.


A deep appreciation for all things you doesn’t end with an initial consultation. We will continue to be available to you to discuss your portfolio, your needs, and your concerns as needed throughout our relationship. We have structured Kensington to ensure we have time for you, our client. Absent are the bureaucratic distractions of large, impersonal financial products companies.


With Kensington, you will own a real portfolio designed for a real person. You will hold stocks and bonds with real intrinsic value not a folder full of financial derivatives holding only notional value, leverage, and excessive risk.


Don’t just take our word for it. Give us a call. Find out if an individualized approach by experienced individual professionals is right for the individual in you.