Identifying, capturing, and managing a broader range of investment opportunities to achieve your specific needs.


The keys to achieving investment goals are straightforward: Align wealth in a diverse collection of securities and properties capable of growing capital and generating income to achieve targeted gains with the lowest possible risk.


Improving this relationship between risk and reward is at the heart of every investment process. However, sometimes the best opportunities to enhance a portfolio’s risk-reward profile come in small volume. These opportunities may be too small for the biggest banks and brokerage companies to package and sell to mass-market investors. On the other hand, lithe and nimble investment managers who seek opportunities for only small and select groups of clients are often well-scaled and positioned to capture these types of opportunities.


At Kensington, we position ourselves to identify, capture, and manage a broader range of investment opportunities in order to achieve your specific needs and we invest alongside you. A significant share of our own personal wealth is invested in the strategies and securities we manage on behalf of clients.

Blue chip stocks have been the cornerstone of investors’ portfolios for decades.  In an environment where interest rates are down and social media stocks are up you may be looking for some common ground in between.  Learn More

Over time studies show that dividends contribute a significant share of a portfolio’s total returns.  Many investors favor these high quality companies with ever increasing dividends to create portfolios which dampen the ups and downs of turbulent markets through the consistent return of your capital.  Learn More

Some investors are looking for smaller companies with greater opportunities and higher growth rates.  These companies are often market leaders in their business niche and display a distinct competitive advantage.  Learn More

In today’s uncertain and at-times volatile environment, some investors are best served by a balanced approach to investing that combines high quality dividend paying stocks, investment grade corporate bonds and other income producing securities in a single portfolio.  Learn More